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  • Where the train stops

    We hopped on a bus to trail the old railway spread across Lebanon. Passing by abandoned stations; Jamhour, Dahr el Baydar, Sofar, Saadnayel, we took a halt at the largest of them all, Rayak, where we found machinery, wagons and even old travel documents only altered by rust and dust. In our archives, we had this article about the mythical Orient Express, which gives a glimpse of the history of trains that ran along our coast, valley and mountains. Here’s the translation:   ‘In 1876, George Nagelmackers, who belonged to a family of bankers from Liège, in Belgium, founded the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. The idea came during a trip to the United States, where he was sent in 1867 to forget...

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    Styling the Tweed Fusion Set

    The Sedum is soaking up some sun on the top shelf of our Tweed Fusion Set.

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    Plant Tip - Sedum

    Prune Sedum to revitalize it when part of or the whole plants looks tired. Cut right above two siding leaves.

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    Gardening Tip

    We select plants that are evergreen; they keep their leaves year round. Flowers might fall off and reappear with the seasons but the foliage remains so your space will always be green. 

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    One mushroom, please

    It is raining outside, but sheltered in the glassed kitchen, around the wooden table of the Gourmet Mushroom farm, the chefs are bustling around in a joyful atmosphere. The menu starts with a creamy velouté of oyster mushrooms with an emulsion of milk and chestnut oil. Then comes the vacherin Mont d’Or with truffles, a cheese straight from the Jura, the region where chef Franck Page grew up. The chef left the kitchen of Hotel Phoenicia for the day to prepare this meal all about mushrooms. The main dish, consists of a fish cooked with a Thai marinade, coconut milk and sesame oil with onions, carrots, broccolis, lemongrass and ginger, along with a mushroom fricassee. Last but not least, comes...

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