Gardening Tips Throwback

Someplace Green is about making gardening simple to keep nature all around us in our city homes and offices. We have plant support Units, Plants and most importantly Care guidance to choose and maintain your plants for the longest time. Here are some gardening tips we shared throughout the past year with many more to come: 

- Water your plants early in the morning or late afternoon to limit water loss through evaporation.

- After the rain, empty the saucers placed under your plant pots. Do not leave water in the saucer, roots will rot if they are soaked for a long time. 

- Early Spring is a good time for a full cut as plants will grow vigorously that season.

- Spring is a favourite time for parasites, particularly aphids, to visit plants. Inspect your plants frequently, the sooner you spot the problem, the easier it is to deal with. Look in unexpected places such as under and between leaves. 

- The location you pick for your plants is key to its health. Make sure to give the plant the sun exposure it is comfortable with. 

- When a plant fades, you do not need to discard the pot. You can take cuttings from another plant or divide another plant to grow a new plant in your pot.

- With excess heat in there summer, watch your plants regularly to avoid leaves drying and fragilizing. You might need to water more than usual. 

- A tid bit of math for those of us who placed Begonias and other plants indoors. The intensity of light diminishes the further you are from a window, by the square of the distance. For instance, it is divided by 4 at 2m distance and by 16 at 4m distance. So keep your plants close enough to an opening to offer them enough light. 

- Watering frequency varies with the season, temperature, rain and the plant itself. With the start of autumn you can reduce the frequency of waterings. 

- Turn a rainy day to your advantage. When rain water fills the saucers placed under your pots, use it to water pots where soil is still dry. 

- For plants placed indoors or on glazed balconies, remember to open a window for a couple of hours daily to air the space. 

- Let plants dance around by rotating your pots every now and then to ensure uniform lighting: the plant will grow more evenly from all sides. Seems dancing improves balance for plants too!