Seeds of a green city.

We set out to invade the city with flowers, fruits and aromatic herbs! Mint, Wild Strawberries, Basil, Chives or Lemon and Olive trees are now at the counter of our Tailor Shop.

You can choose the right plant by filtering through plant type, watering needs, indoor/outdoor and maintenance level; the ’Very Easy’ plants, can ease your way into gardening, with just a few tips the ‘Easy’ can last whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener and ‘Medium’ are for the most patient of us.     

On our pots, you might encounter a woman watering with her can, a man raking the soil or maybe our gardener wearing her oversized sun hat. We grabbed a fine brush to paint those illustrations after colouring the pots in hues of Beige Pink, Sulfur Yellow and Light Green.  

Now the Tailor pots are all dressed up and ready to liven up balconies and interiors. You will find them in sizes XS to place on a desk or kitchen counter, S for a shelf or table and the L pots for trees, with bottom wheels, to move easily around your balcony or terrace.

And now, presenting the new plants, who join our classics Begonia, Geranium, Sedum, Chlorophytum, Setcreasea, Thyme, Sage and Rosemary in the Tailor Shop:

Its taste and fragrance make it a big hit. Basil originates from India and can grow in homes or outdoors. Shelter it from cold in winter and from strong sunlight in summer.


Their savoury thin leaves have become a staple in our kitchen, but did you know Chives produces airy purple flowers that can also be eaten?


Marjoram is easy; it goes outdoor and indoor, works with full or partial sun, so you won’t have much trouble finding a spot for it. There is something to be said about sprinkling it on top of crispy oven baked potatoes.

A zest of freshness for drinks and cooking, Mint itself likes to stay in a fresh pot. Sunlight but no strong direct sun, and a soil that is always damp but never soaked, will be just right for it.

Scented Geranium smells good, displeases mosquitoes, and you can infuse the leaves for a nice warm drink or eat the tiny pink flowers that pop up every now and then. Everything is good about this very easy plant.

Red little fruits can pop any season except when the weather is too hot. Wild Strawberries are the original form from which their bigger cousins were derived.

Even on cloudier days if all that you can see is a yellow Lemon Tree, it might not be so bad after all, just remember its yellow fruit can be harvested all year long.

The Olive Tree prefers sunny locations and likes to be placed outdoors where its message of peace can be spread loud and green.