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    Human activity, heat from cars or buildings, and walls and facades that store heat and release it at night, increase temperature in the city, which can be tough for plants in summer but they will also suffer less from the cold in winter. 

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    Plant Tip - Olive Tree

    Harvest olives in autumn and winter. Soak in brine or press as oil before savouring. 

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    Gardening Tip

    Always cut above a leaf or siding stem or branch, choose a stem or branch that points outward. 

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    Plant Tip - Wild Strawberries

    Crème fraîche and Wild Strawberries Recipe  - 250 g of wild strawberries - 20 cL of thick crème fraîche - Fresh basil leaves - Place a handful of wild strawberries in a cup and add a ball of thick crème fraîche on top.- Decorate with fresh basil leaves.- Repeat the two steps above for 4 to 6 cups (1 per person).   

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    Plant Tip - Wild Thyme

    You can conserve wild thyme in olive oil, which will also add flavour to the oil.

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