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  • The Fort of the highway

    We’ve seen it over and over, when heading north from Beirut, on the right side of the highway and yet had never taken a moment before to visit this incongruous guest from history, clashing with the surrounding modernity, the Mussaylha Fort.    We took a turn off the highway, and arrived on the green path leading to the Fort. Curious, we climbed the stairway shaped in the stone, to reach the Fort standing on top of an imposing bedrock. Inside, we discovered a dizzying labyrinth of rooms, and enthusiastically browsed from the courtyard to the archery room and its narrow arrow slits, from which we peaked into the surrounding greenery, without being seen, and onto the west tower, before heading...

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    A Country's Journey

    We are holding our breath with our beloved country, here to play our part in a stronger, wiser and greener Lebanon. In this story we will let the images speak but should be back very soon with more words to describe the beauty that surrounds us.  Saghbine Faraya Saida Beirut Sofar Okaibeh Tripoli Tyre Anfeh

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    Behind a cherry tree

    Summer could start there, climbing up a tree, wicker basket in hand, to pick juicy red cherries, but we decided to go later in August. Nevertheless, under Hammana’s red roofs and pine trees summer lives on. A first step into the village will reveal the Brahimiyé fountain dating from 1923, the 700 years old Mezher palace where Alphonse de Lamartine once stayed, and an old movie theatre left unchanged. But beyond the obvious path, at the turn of a road, up a little slope, behind a traditional house or an old silk factory, you may also come across a garden shed by a vine and sit on an old stone to listen to stories, find a terrace with an unlimited view of...

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    Wild Thymes

    Nothing like gathering around delicious food to share a good moment with friends. To spread that warm Lebanese spirit, The Good Thymes has chosen a key ingredient of our culture, wild thyme. Zaatar is the specialty Fady Aziz decided to take a chance on. After years of experience in branding and design, and heading the design department at marketing firm Quantum Communications, he chose to apply his knowledge to a new project close to his heart. Originally from Kfarhouné in South Lebanon, as a kid he spent his holidays at the village playing around with his friends in an empty field on which an old farm had been built and abandoned forty years ago. Years later Fady realized he was still...

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    Layover on the Silk Road

    In a garden filled with jasmine, lavender and olive groves, lies a charming Lebanese mansion that was once a flourishing silk manufacture. Now turned into a museum, it is one of the rare testimonies of the blooming age of silk making in Lebanon. At the end of the 16th century, The Emir Fakhr-al-Din imported silk production to Mount Lebanon from Italy. Farmers planted white mulberry trees, silkworms’ main food, while in spinning mills, workers, including women sought after for their slender fingers, worked meticulously with fragile cocoons and thin threads. White and fine threads from Tripoli were used for gold embroidered fabric, the strong silk from Beirut for weaving taffetas, moiré or tapestry, while the Chouf and Kesrouan’s robust and...

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