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  • Bare Castle

    We drove south beyond the banana fields and headed inland where, often left untouched, bare stretches of green sometimes fade to beige. After waving hello to a herd of goats, we took one last curve and made it to the Beaufort Castle. We stepped inside through the narrow rocky corridor, peaking at the scenery through arches, and ran up the stairs onto terraces, each revealing infinite stretches of land, some tamed by agriculture and others arid left to dry in the sun. We imagined Medieval times when the fortress turned castle was a focal point of battles between civilizations and wondered how its strategic location may have been used in recent history as well. Exhausted we realized that the fortress...

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    Sun Castle

    Departure from Bater on a chilly Saturday morning, I rode off through the Chouf with the empty road as my sole companion joined by the scenes that sunrise softly revealed along the way. The ride started with a vibe of vacation as I drove through pink bay laurels. Behind the flowers, stretches of pine trees hosting old houses with red roof tiles and tall cypresses popping here and there gave the atmosphere an air of Tuscany. I crossed through Baadara, Moukhtara, and Maaser Beiteddine (looking now at the GPS I realize I might not have taken the most straightforward route, but it was worth the turns) and slowly the ride started taking the allure of a Route 66 drive with a...

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    Rocks around

    It was easy to think of Tripoli only as a city of conflict, the news painted it as such and for many years I did not make time to go and dig further. When I moved back to Lebanon four years ago, I was writing for a couple of local magazines. Looking for topics gave me a chance to get acquainted with initiatives that started shattering my prejudice about Tripoli. I met a young man from one of the two neighborhoods tainted by years of violence, who launched an NGO which relentlessly promotes recycling, going door-to-door to neighbors and slowly changing habits. I talked to an architect who designed an avant-garde bench now a small attraction of Mina that kids use as...

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    Dress Up Lebanon : The Story Begins

    PhotoStory in collaboration with Kamsyn – - Published in December 2016 Cozied up in Le Telegraphe de Belle-Vue’s  finely decorated Hotel or enjoying the blossoming rose garden while sipping a glass of red wine, we reminisced on the days when Bhamdoun was a prized summer destination. First a village reliant on the cultivation of vineyards, from the 1940s until the civil war Bhamdoun bustled as a summer escape for Beiruti vacationers and tourists from the Gulf. They mingled in the village cafés over a game of tawlé or cards, biked in the streets or gathered for ‘thé dansant’ at one of the hotels’ ballrooms. Timi & Marie-Sophie making it through the Mist / Urban Sense     Photo Kamsyn As we...

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    Planting an empty Pot

    Workshop: Chlorophytum/Spider Plant Propagation  - Your original Chlorophytum plant with at least one spiderette (mini version of the plant that sprouts from the main plant)- 1 empty pot for the new plant: make sure it has a drainage hole at the bottom and place a saucer (bottom plate) under- 1 pair of scissors - Clay or small pebbles- 1 spade- Potting mix- Water in a bottle or watering can Step 1 - Cut the little spiderette (mini plant) with its root from the main Chlorophytum plant.  Step 2 - Place some pebbles or clay at the bottom of your empty pot.  Step 3 - Fill the pot with potting mix until about 1 cm from the top edge.  Step 4 - Plant the little spiderette in the pot,...

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