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  • Plant Tip - Wild Thyme

    Trim wild thyme regularly, this will encourage a strong growth and more leaves on the stems.

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    Plant Tip - Basil

    You can harvest basil leaves when needed by pinching the edges. This will also encourage the plant to branch out, and delay flowering. Your leaves will stay fresh 1 to 2 days. Before flowering the taste of the leaves is sweeter while it is more bitter when the plant blooms. 

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    Plant Tip - Lemon Tree

    The foliage of the lemon tree is evergreen, and the flowers are a delicate blush white. Fruits can be harvested yearlong, even young trees can produce lemons. 

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    Planting an empty Pot

    Workshop: Chlorophytum/Spider Plant Propagation  - Your original Chlorophytum plant with at least one spiderette (mini version of the plant that sprouts from the main plant)- 1 empty pot for the new plant: make sure it has a drainage hole at the bottom and place a saucer (bottom plate) under- 1 pair of scissors - Clay or small pebbles- 1 spade- Potting mix- Water in a bottle or watering can Step 1 - Cut the little spiderette (mini plant) with its root from the main Chlorophytum plant.  Step 2 - Place some pebbles or clay at the bottom of your empty pot.  Step 3 - Fill the pot with potting mix until about 1 cm from the top edge.  Step 4 - Plant the little spiderette in the pot,...

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    Plant Tip - Chlorophytum

    Chlorophytum also called Spider Plant is a beginner gardener's best friend, it adapts to your environment and sunlight, indoor or outdoor and will create spiderettes (mini versions of the main plant) that you can replant in empty pots to grow this new plant.

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