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  • Styling the Tweed Mini Wall - Anthracite

    The Tweed Mini Wall is in outdoorsy mood, and so are we! Meet us tomorrow at AUB for the 'foire des villages', launching this year's edition of Village Préféré des Libanais with L'Orient le Jour - Test your green thumb at our gardening workshop and find the answers to our quiz or just give it a shot now to see... for a chance to win a trio of aromatic herbs in illustrated pots.

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    Gardening Tip

    Back to a little bit of math: you need about 5L of soil for 10cm of height so a 2m tree would need 100L; the plant needs its space to blossom and a larger pot will mean less maintenance. Choose your potted plant at our Garden Show stand with the tips that go along to keep it healthy.

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    Seeds of a green city.

    We set out to invade the city with flowers, fruits and aromatic herbs! Mint, Wild Strawberries, Basil, Chives or Lemon and Olive trees are now at the counter of our Tailor Shop. You can choose the right plant by filtering through plant type, watering needs, indoor/outdoor and maintenance level; the ’Very Easy’ plants, can ease your way into gardening, with just a few tips the ‘Easy’ can last whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener and ‘Medium’ are for the most patient of us.      On our pots, you might encounter a woman watering with her can, a man raking the soil or maybe our gardener wearing her oversized sun hat. We grabbed a fine brush to paint those...

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    Cooking with plants

    We gathered around the kitchen counter with some fresh rosemary, sage and mint leaves, Sweet William and cornflowers petals and a handful of wild strawberries and prepared some easy and quick recipes that we then savoured in the garden.  During Beirut Design Week, at our Aromatic Bar Edition event we were all about aromatic herbs and edible flowers. At the counter of our new Unit, the Sheer Bar, we placed Sheer colourful pots filled with Rose Geranium, Marjoram, Chives or Basil, we served bites with thyme and rosemary and mint iced tea and shared some green tips and those simple recipes we had fun preparing. And here they are:  Pasta with Sage - 4 to 6 people:  500 g of tortellini...

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    Styling the Riga Wall - Luminous Red

    It's today! Come for the open bar...of aromatic herbs! At the counter of our Sheer bar you will find aromatic herbs with tastings and recipes. Let Thyme, Rose Geranium or Basil inspire you for some delicious dishes and refreshing drinks you can easily do at home.  To find us, look up and spot the sign Someplace Green next to the Riga Wall Unit in Luminous Red (picture) outside our showroom. Armenia street facing EDL - 6 to 10 pm - Beirut Design Week, Gemmayze Day. (PS: we're also on Google Maps and the BDW map - stand number 60)        

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