Planting an empty Pot

Workshop: Chlorophytum/Spider Plant Propagation 

- Your original Chlorophytum plant with at least one spiderette (mini version of the plant that sprouts from the main plant)
- 1 empty pot for the new plant: make sure it has a drainage hole at the bottom and place a saucer (bottom plate) under
- 1 pair of scissors 
- Clay or small pebbles
- 1 spade
- Potting mix
- Water in a bottle or watering can

Step 1 - Cut the little spiderette (mini plant) with its root from the main Chlorophytum plant. 

Step 2 - Place some pebbles or clay at the bottom of your empty pot. 

Step 3 - Fill the pot with potting mix until about 1 cm from the top edge. 

Step 4 - Plant the little spiderette in the pot, hiding the roots under the potting mix and gathering soil around so it becomes well rooted. 

Step 5 - Water gently, pouring into the soil directly (not on the leaves). 

Step 6 - Done! You can place your new Chlorophytum plant indoor (making sure it receives some sunlight) or outdoor. Water it once a week for now and twice a week when the weather gets sunnier (if placed in a sunny location).