Do I need to purchase Units and Plants together?

Units and Plants are sold separately. Plants are potted and sold in groups of 3 or individually. Each Unit can hold at least 3 plant pots. 

Will I be charged for delivery?

At the moment, we deliver only around Beirut, and deliveries are free for Units and Plants.

Can I return my purchases?

You can drop by our showroom in Mar Mikhael to take a look at our Units and Plants before choosing to complete your purchase. Measurements for each Unit are indicated online. We do not accept returns on purchases, however should there be an issue with your order, please reach out to us at contact@someplacegreen.com and we will do our best to sort it.

How can I pay for my order?

Please pay for your order in cash or cheque upon delivery. We are working on adding more payment methods to facilitate the process. Items will be returned to warehouse if not paid upon delivery.

What is The Book of Care?

The Book of Care is our gardening guide so you can have at hand at all time key advice to grow your plants successfully. You will receive The Book of Care along with your order of Units and/or Plants. Our gardener Nadine, an agricultural engineer who spends her days growing fine herbs and flowers in her nursery in Mount Lebanon, has carefully crafted The Book of Care.

What is I Garden?

We believe we all have a green thumb, all we need is a little 'coup de pouce'. I Garden is a private section to accompany you on your gardening journey. It contains the digital version of The Book of Care, the contact information of our gardener, and a calendar to download on Google Calendar App to receive reminders for plants watering times on your phone.

 What can I do with my pot once a plant has faded?

We recommend taking cuttings from another plant or dividing another plant to grow a new plant in your pot. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for gardening tips. You can also reach out to our gardener for questions about your plants. Should you choose to order new potted plants, you can return your old pots to us, we will re-use them creatively.