Selection Guide

Sun Exposure

Observe your space a couple of days to determine Sun Exposure. Keep in mind where Units will be placed.


Location receives direct sunlight most of the day, either:

- From dawn to 4:00 pm
- From dawn to sunset
- From 12:00 pm to sunset  


Location receives direct sunlight only in the morning and/or the afternoon, either:

- From dawn to 11:00 am
- From 4:00 pm to sunset   
- From dawn to 11:00 am and from 4:00 pm to sunset but not in between

Some units by design create their own shade. If a plant is placed under a shelf or box in the Tweed Collection for example, select plants suited for Partial Sun.


Our collection features plants that can be placed ‘Indoor’, in a home or office. We recommend opening a window for a couple of hours daily to air the room.

Plants should be placed in a sunlit room, not in complete shade.

Glazed Balcony

You can choose to place your plants on a glazed balcony, simply make sure to open a window for a couple of hours daily to air the space.

Sun Exposure for glazed balconies is evaluated the same way as for non glazed balconies.


You will find a suggested timing for each plant in our collection on its corresponding Plant Care Card:

- Twice a week in summer                             
- Every 7-10 days in winter                         


- Once a week in summer
- Once a month in winter

The timings suggested are general indications, observing your plants will be the most valuable guide to know when to water.


All plants require some maintenance. Watering, pruning, aeration and nourishing will keep your plants healthy and growing. You will receive The Book of Care which contains information and tips to grow your plants successfully. Maintenance tips specific to each plant are indicated on Plant Care Cards.


The Plants Collection includes mainly evergreen types; plants that keep their leaves year round. Flowers might fall off and regrow with the seasons but when cared for properly, the foliage remains so your space will always be green.


Use gloves when caring for plants and wash your hands afterwards.